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Gourmet oils are pure or pre-calibrated essential oils in an organic sunflower oil base. A collection of natural, healthy and true flavors that are easy to use.

Wintergreen: Sweet wintergreen aroma.


Gourmet oils blend easily into fats, salts, sugars, sauces... On average, 1 to 2 drops are used per 250 g or ml of preparation at the very end of the recipe or when to serve, as with fresh herbs. In cases where the preparation requires integrating all the ingredients before cooking, such as for pies and pastries, we recommend doubling the number of drops per hour of cooking and/or resting.

With gourmet oils and essential waters, you're not far off. If the aromatic power is too intense, simply heat the recipe gently for about 10 minutes, or until the desired intensity is achieved.

Use as an oil rub for raw meats for searing, we recommend 8-10 drops per 250g for basting with about 15 minutes rest before cooking (serve quickly).

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