Shipping Policy

Our shipments are made with Purolator or Canada Post. Delays may be observed, beyond our control.

Orders are shipped from our workshop in Shawinigan, the next day or the next business day, Monday to Friday. Yes we are fast! We will send you an order confirmation by email as well as information to track your package. However, if an item is not available, we will notify you and inform you of the possible options for processing your order.

News on delivery costs.

We now offer the possibility of delivering CERTAIN ITEMS in an envelope, for a fee of $5 +taxes (in Canada).

In fact, items weighing less than 280 grams AND that fit in an envelope qualify for this shipping method. Examples? One leggings or two boxers and most of our short-sleeved shirts (if ordered alone).

However, items that are too thick, such as soaps and socks, are excluded because they are too bulky for the envelope.

Please note, however, that sending by envelope does not provide a tracking number. According to our experience, the risks are not higher than by standard package.

In addition, delays can be a little longer, 2 to 5 days in Quebec and 2 to 10 days for the rest of Canada.

Why are we now offering this option? For the sake of savings for our customers as well as for us. You should know that the shipping costs we pay cost 20% to 50% more than what we charge our customers. The significant increase in online orders over the past two years, and consequently the increase in our carrier bills, has led us to offer you this option when applicable.

Prices and delivery times






Shipments for the United States will be sent via Purolator or Canada Post and its American partners.




If you live in a country other than those listed, contact us to check if we can ship to your country.


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