Caring for your hemp clothing

THE hemp East a fiber rigid Who crumple easily . I ' addition of cotton come help At comfort And To I ' relaxation of there fiber . At thread of the washes, he will become more soft   And s ' will soften . THE hemp East a fiber robust And he East more difficult of there dye in depth, This Who causes there discoloration hemp-based clothing. It may be wise not to hang it in the sun, which risks creating premature discoloration. You can iron your clothes without any problem if you prefer wrinkle-free clothes.
After the first wash, there might be a drawback along the length of about 4%. Hemp knit is more flexible than woven. There is also a fiber blend with Spandex which is even softer. The one with recycled polyester is thinner and satiny. The mixes available are:
  • 55% Hemp / 45% Organic cotton (Jersey, muslin, Hempcel, Twill)
  • 53% Hemp / 44% Organic Cotton / 3% Spandex (Jersey)
  • 53% Hemp / 44% Organic cotton / 3% Spandex (chiffon)
Wash in cold water.
Do not use bleach.
Hang to dry. Avoid the sun for drying.
Use of the dryer may create a backdraft of 5% lengthwise and 1% widthwise.

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