Caring for your bamboo clothes

THE fabrics of bamboo that We use have all A certain percentage of cotton, For that there fiber guard her form . THE fabrics of bamboo are soft fibers Who follow the body   a lot more that THE cotton . YOU can to use THE cycle regular (cold water) For THE washing And to use there dryer , your clothes   born will shrink none or very little. Nevertheless   We we do not recommend using the dryer in order to   keep your clothes more beautiful for a long time. The mixes available are:

  • 66% Bamboo / 28% Organic Cotton / 6% Spandex (Jersey)
  • Stretch
  • Canadian company
  • 62% Bamboo / 26% Organic Cotton / 12% Spandex (Jersey 250g)
  • Thicker for greater opacity and support
  • Stretchier than our regular blends
  • Knitted in Montreal
  • 66% Bamboo / 28% Cotton / 6% Spandex (Jersey and French Terry)
  • Stretch
  • Canadian company
  • 70% Bamboo / 30% Organic cotton (Jersey)
  • Sticks less to the skin
  • Fabrics Knitted in Ontario
  • 66% Bamboo / 28% Merino / 6% Spandex (Jersey)
  • Stretch
  • Warmer than our regular blends
  • Canadian company
Wash in cold water.
Do not use bleach.
Hang to dry.
Iron at low temperature.
Using the dryer can create 2% to 5% backdraft


    The bamboo plant grows like a weed. bamboo does not need a lot of water and no pesticides to grow, compared to cotton. Since bamboo regrows from its own roots and grows very quickly, it is easy to grow and does little harm to the environment.
    Bamboo is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, silky and protects against UV rays (be careful, we are talking about dye-free fibers). Bamboo frequently appears in textiles as rayon from bamboo. To achieve this, we start from bamboo fiber, transform it into viscous material using chemicals and then spin it. This process makes the fiber smoother and stronger, making it easier to use to create the fabric.
    Several studies are underway to find a method as ecological for transforming bamboo into yarn as that used for its cultivation. In addition, no study confirms that the natural properties of bamboo are preserved during this transformation. 
    Our fabric suppliers are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

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