Ton Horoscope #écolo

Your #green Horoscope

We asked our blogger Cristina Moscini to seriously line up her quartz collection and predict the coming month according to the signs of the zodiac! Astrology has never been so #eco-responsible...

ARIES: The approaching holiday frenzy doesn't scare you this year. You will try to buy local to make gifts to those around you. Start with yourself by opting for the light denim VICTOR shirt; in extra comfort hemp, it does as much for men as it does in a loose version for women, worn tied with leggings.

TAURUS: Taurus people redefine the desire for comfort, it's well known! Live your #truth at ease in soft teal DEVLIN , which is reminiscent of the birthstone, emerald, of many of you...

GEMINI: Social butterfly, you look forward to the unifying festivities of the season. Attract all eyes with this dress that is both a conversation piece and a work of art, the JULIANNE PRINT in bamboo seafoam, with its unique water-based ink screen print. We will remember you!

CANCER: Often short-lived, sometimes difficult to grasp, you are known to be adaptable to all situations. Dare to take a stand this year with a socially committed t-shirt, like the LESS IS MORE in organic cotton, also available in a camisole version!

LEO: Natural leader, it is possible according to the next Moon in Aries that you decide to receive family & friends this year. Save yourself the hustle and bustle with the absorbent natural fibers of the chic KAMELEON pants in burgundy . You will go from the stove to the living room while remaining the star of the evening!

VIRGO: You'd get “common sense” tattooed on your forehead if it were common sense, it's your motto for almost everything in life! And that can also be reflected in your clothing choices: no foolishness, no crazy things, the white MARIETTE sweater couldn't be more classic in its timeless and practical cut. Follow reason!

LIBRA: With your artistic soul, it is not uncommon to see you defending causes that are close to your heart, and to carry this commitment close to the body. Stay away from mononc' Jean-Guy at the next dinner and opt for the comfort of bamboo & organic cotton with the SUGAR COQ boxer in Moroccan & yellow, you will spend memorable holidays.

SCORPIO: Much like your astral neighbor, Libra, you sometimes have strong opinions and often obey more with your heart than your head. But your style and your aura naturally lead you towards black and neutral colors, as with the SUGAR DEER , which may suit you like a glove!

SAGITTARIUS: Fire sign among the fire signs, you don't hate attention, and that's good because we love giving you some. Impetuous but constant, you are someone for whom we made the KAMIKA TECHNICOLOR in organic cotton, because it says what it says. Four times rather than one, your neighbors will have only one word in mind: Abaka...

CAPRICORN: Not that you want to blend in, but often, as your birthday season is eclipsed by Christmas or New Year's Day, you often have a habit of staying in the background and prefer to devote yourself to events and people. that really interest you. This immutable logic goes hand in hand with the TOP ESSENCE black , basic, all-purpose, essential.

AQUARIUS: It is often said that Aquarians do nothing like the others. And that's because it's true. Aunt Suzanne who doesn't believe in climate change? You will not hesitate to contradict it by making a song, a poem, or an #eco-responsible primer! You're not shy already, so don't be cold to your pretty neck with the ASNES chili bamboo turtleneck.

PISCES: Lunatic, you may lose track of repetitive conversations on New Year's Eve. To enhance your esoteric or atmospheric contemplations, the bamboo striped PEUSKALITA POCKET even gives you the opportunity to rest your hands in its front pocket. And keep your sweet madness!

Everyone, have a Happy Holidays, whether you buy Abaka or not, we happily encourage you to choose local in your holiday gifts & ethical options. Some tips for greener holidays on Nature Action Québec . Thanks !

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