Le slow fashion : Vêtements durables, planète durable

Slow fashion: Sustainable clothing, sustainable planet

Abaka has been creating eco-responsible clothing in Shawinigan for over 17 years. Through this blog, we will keep you informed of new data concerning conscientious consumption and the alternatives available on the market to buy responsibly.

If we look from 2002 to 2019 at how our behavior has changed when it comes to choosing clothing, we can see an increase in the desire to choose ecological fibers, especially from the younger generation, to buy ethically, to buy local. More and more we are thinking about the environment, the future, our descendants, instead of relying on the “after me, the deluge” mentality. Unfortunately, this number is still too low to reverse the tide, if you will, on the wrongs of industry and big business on the environment.

To improve our ecological footprint, we avoid overproducing, using the same traps of big companies that keep an immense profit margin used in marketing to target and encourage "emotional" purchases, based more on the impulse and not usefulness or real need, and then who will still retain a large profit percentage when they sell their overstock at a discount.

We also try to reduce our ecological footprint by choosing natural fabrics. The footprint remains smaller by choosing fibers such as hemp, bamboo, organic cotton which are biodegradable. We participate in slow fashion by producing items in durable material and classic style by aiming for the timeless in the choice of cuts instead of the trend of the moment, often orchestrated to be out of fashion the following season in addition to polluting by being made of synthetic fabrics. We favor fabric that stays beautiful for a long time, so that we wear it for a long time… in addition to being comfortable !

If consuming in an ethical way can have a connotation of higher price, it is necessary to calculate on the long term; between impulse-bought leggings in a discount bin that pill or break after two washes, and better-fitting pants in natural fibers that will follow you for years, the choice becomes clearer. It is our duty as a committed small business to make up for where the big industries are lacking, by truly informing the consumer about the impact of their purchase, as well as their origin, on the journey that the garment makes, of the fiber which will be cultivated, then worked, up to the fitting room.

Abaka is also committed to remaining present in the community, by participating and creating events to strengthen the links between the manufacturers and the people who choose them and who are involved in this same idea, this same vision of present and coming.

Stay tuned for our next publications !

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