ABAKA, Monsieur Michel Angers et le mur de la Belgo

ABAKA, Mr. Michel Angers and the Belgo wall

It was under the autumn sun that the owners of the Shawinigan company ABAKA presented the Mayor of the City, Mr. Michel Angers, with a sweater bearing the image of the Belgo wall.

This sweater was designed by Mr. Mario Hamelin, whose grandfather is retired from Belgo, and created by Mrs. Cyndie Lemay, multidisciplinary artist and employee at ABAKA. According to Mr. Hamelin, this sweater immortalizes a symbol of regional prosperity. "This business was much more than jobs and money for the region, it was also a community," says Mr. Hamelin, recalling memories of ball teams or "job buddies" gathered around a beer after their shift at his father's tavern "Chez Jos".

Mr. Hamelin and Mrs. Karine Brassard, co-owner, gave the sweater to Mr. Angers when we learned that the Belgo wall will be demolished shortly.

Christine Boisvert, Communications Officer

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