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Who are we ?

Founded in 2002 in Shawinigan by Mario, founder and creator of opportunities, Abaka is one of the first eco-responsible clothing companies in Quebec.


When Abaka meets Abakette…

In 2010, Karine, designer & creator of changes, also from Shawinigan, joins the adventure and brings in addition to her scissors, her touch of originality combining comfort and the unique style that is the signature of the house.

 Karine, Mario owners!


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Abaka is:

Eco-comfortable, in keeping with the movement of slow-fashion , that is to say clothes made by hand, durable, outside the vagaries of mass production. Natural fiber fabrics for both basic and stylish clothing proudly made in Shawi (made in Quebec).

Our #ecocomfortable commitment:

A greener future will be possible through the choices we all make. Here's how we commit ourselves daily to eco-responsibility...
  • The scraps of fabrics that we do not use are given to local artisans and organizations who transform them into ecological mode.
  • The ink we use in our printed designs and stamps on mailing boxes is recycled water-based ink.
  • The cardboard of our labels, our boxes, our packaging in fact, we make sure to use as little material as possible by staying away from plastic.       


Abaka comes from the native name abaca, which means manila hemp in Tagalog, a language spoken in the Philippines. In the early 2000s in Asia, Mario discovered hemp clothing. The offer being very limited, he decided on his return to Quebec to create the Kaméléon pants, which are still part of the products offered.
A production almost entirely made in Quebec! The cutting and design of all our clothes is done at our workshop-boutique in Shawinigan and the making by seamstresses and seamstresses at home and in factories in the region. Some products are made in Ontario (especially corporate products).

Our team :

Mario - Chief Colleague!

Karine - Creator and co-worker!

Sabrina - Responsible for your satisfaction and producer of happiness!

Cyndie - Artisans of happiness!

Josette - In charge of your satisfaction and English speaking service!

Marie-Anne - Cousette in the making and producer of happiness

Mélodie - Cousette in the making and producer of happiness!

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By us, for you!

We are proud to count among our customers, men and women from all over Canada, for nearly twenty years. Discover our products online today or visit us in store!

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